Women's Doge Classic Look T Shirt L Purple


Product description

Why t-shirt shrink in machine wash? All organic base fabric shrink because fiber shrinkage is the natural response of plant fibers to heat. This fiber spun into thread woven into fabric are hold together by hydrogen bond. When you add hot water and agitation from the washer, the hydrogen bond that has been holding the fabric together will break. Once broken, it will allow the fabric to relax and fall into more condense state and now the fabric take less space and therefore they had shrunken.

  • 50% polyester
  • Imported
  • Officially Licensed Merchandise
  • The Charcoal Heather is made up of 50%cotton/ 50%polyester all the other colors are 100%
  • SUPERIOR COMFORT: There's nothing better than being cozy and free in clothing. Hanes
  • External: Cotton
  • 100% Ring-spun Cotton,Light Steel: cotton/polyester

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